FatStem provides regenerative stem cell therapies for nearly all kinds of animals and here´s how we go about it


autologous therapy

As they use the animal's own stem cells, these products require a biopsy and blood collection. Stem cells are cultured at the Fat-Stem laboratories and provided to your clinic for injection. A detailed protocol for sampling, injection and after care is provided with the kit.

Generally, an autologous therapy consists of the following steps:

Collection of the sample:

  • After your purchase, a collection kit is provided containing all necessary disposable equipment and detailed instructions for our autologous therapies. Kits can be stored for up to 1 year before use.
  • In your clinic, a biopsy is taken under local anesthesia in horses, and local or general anesthesia in dogs or cats. A total of 10 ml of fat is harvested in aseptic conditions. The fat is transferred to a sterile tube with storage solution, provided with our collection kit.
  • Simultaneously, blood is collected into tubes or bags depending on the animal, which are also provided with the kit.
  • The kit is collected by Fat-Stem at your clinic.
autologous therapy

allogenic therapy

These products contain cells that are isolated from samples obtained from healthy donors, purified in the lab, and delivered to the clinic in an injectable solution ready to be used under aseptic conditions. For more immediate situations or when the owners do not want to wait 2 or 3 weeks to obtain the proper number of cells, this is the most practical and economic solution. A detailed product-specific protocol for injection and after care is included with the product.

Generally, an allogenic therapy consists of the following steps:

  • Allogenic products are provided as single use aliquots. They are shipped in frozen condition and can be stored for up to four years in liquid nitrogen.
  • After diagnosis, a sample is quickly thawed at 37°C and injected (under local anesthesia).
allogenic therapy