Fat-stem laboratories – a stem cell pioneer


Creating innovative, veterinary stem cell therapies is our mission

Fat-Stem Laboratories is the first company in Europe that uses adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic use. We were the first to offer an extensive range of commercial veterinary cellular and other treatments.

Originally focused on orthopaedic applications in horses and dogs, our portfolio has expanded continuously and currently also includes solutions for other types of injuries, like tendon problems in horses, kidney failure in cats, cornea ulcers, and many others. We keep pushing the boundaries of stem cell science through in-house clinical veterinary research in collaboration with acknowledged European universities, veterinary clinics and stem cell technology centers. Our GMP production facility guarantee high quality products. These are sold as ready-to-use solutions, supporting the veterinarian throughout the entire process for optimal results.

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Creating innovative, veterinary stem cell therapies is our mission

Fat-Stem laboratories are run by a team of renowned professionals

Dr. Guy Wouters
CEO and founder

Dr. Wouters, PhD, founded Fat-Stem, introducing new and advanced technologies in his R&D team in close collaboration with acknowledged European universities and clinics. He has 20 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Following his graduate studies in bioengineering and veterinary science in Ghent, he obtained a PhD from the University of Leuven and was working as R&D Director for different EU and US-based biotechnology companies. He has gained extensive experience in cell therapies and cryopreservation as the Chief Executive Officer of Cryo-Save AG (Switzerland), one of the leading human cord blood banks in Europe.

As biotechnologist and expert in cellular therapies, Dr. Wouters has organized Fat-Stem into a state-of-the-art production facility, complying with GMP requirements for quality and hygiene.

Dr. Albert Ramon
President of the board

Prof. Dr. Ramon is president of ITERA (International Tissue Engineering Research Association) and Medical Director of the Business Netwerk. He works in close relation with Prof. Catherine Verfaillie at KULeuven.